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What Drives the Mission

"The Purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you lived and lived well."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

P&O Clearinghouse

In 2012, the P&O Clearinghouse was adopted fully under the umbrella of core projects hosted by PHI!

It was created to save surplus usable P&O goods from being sent to landfills while innumerable individuals around the world were in need of prostheses and orthoses. We provide individuals, P&O facilities, manufacturers and distributors a clearinghouse that enables them to make tax deductible donations of new and gently used prosthetic and orthotic goods. These donations, in turn, provide access to instrumental, and often costly, products to P&O practitioners, developing world P&O schools, developing world P&O facilities and researchers.

Goals and Objectives

P&O Clearinghouse GOAL: To elevate the quantity and quality of prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation services everywhere.

P&O Clearinghouse Objectives:

  • to facilitate the provision of new and used prosthetic and orthotic components to those who do not have access to them

  • to ensure that prosthetic and orthotic distributions are used to enhance the quality of services at local prosthetic and orthotic clinics while ensuring that they do not have detrimental effects on any local prosthetic or orthotic industry, guided by the P&O Humanitarian Code of Conduct.

  • to keep usable prosthetic and orthotic goods from entering landfills

  • to provide individuals, manufacturers, distributors and facilities a means by which to receive tax deductions for donations of prosthetic and orthotic goods

  • to illuminate the plight of the disabled around the world who are in need of, but do not have access to, prosthetic and orthotic services

  • to facilitate access to P&O Goods for teaching and research purposes and institutions and universities worldwide


The Prosthetic & Orthotic Component Clearinghouse (P.O.C.C.; pronounced Pahk-see…rhymes with Foxy!) was launched by PHI founder Robert Kistenberg in July 2007 as a collaborative project between MedShare InternationalU.S. National Member Society of ISPO (US-ISPO), and the Barr Foundation.

At the end of 2012, P.O.C.C.’s arrangement with MedShare International and the Barr Foundation expired and we sought a new warehouse home or risked having to put into landfill almost EIGHT TONS of P&O Goods being stored! Fortuitously, PHI now has a partnership with The Bobby Dodd Institute and today operates in its own warehouse space, as the simplified P&O Clearinghouse,  allowing this very important program to continue on.​


Request items from the P&O Clearinghouse.

In order to receive items from the P&O Clearinghouse, you must first review the Guidelines for Recipients section in order to ensure your eligibility. Once you have completed reviewing these and if you believe you are indeed eligible to request a distribution, please review the Instructions to Obtain P&O Goods section also below.


Guidelines for Recipients

  • It is strictly forbidden for any items received from the P&O Clearinghouse to be directly sold or re-sold. Use of P&O goods shall be restricted to the provision of prosthetic and orthotic services. Nominal fees for the provision of P&O services are acceptable.

  • Components are to be provided by individuals who are educated & trained in prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation services. This is to ensure that the P&O goods are being properly and safely applied. Documentation of education/training is required upon request

  • Your organization is responsible for the cost of shipping, warehouse fees, navigating customs, as well as any duties or taxes associated with receipt of P&O goods.

  • As a participant of this project, you are accountable for the P&O goods being provided. As such, we require documentation of component utilization once services have been delivered.

  • We also strongly request that you or your organization review the P&O Humanitarian Code of Conduct and sign on.

  • Before delivering services in a developing country, it is imperative that you investigate the existing clinical services in that region. We are trying to foster collaboration with and growth of existing prosthetic and orthotic clinical services, NOT competition against them. We are happy to assist you with this.

  • Once you receive a distribution, we require that you send us some proof of delivery of the P&O Goods in order to qualify for future shipments and to demonstrate that the P&O Goods were delivered as intended. A photo will suffice.

  • If you are from an educational institution in the U.S. or abroad and you would like to request a distribution from P.O.C.C. for educational or research purposes, you are still obligated for the cost of shipping as well as the warehousing fees.


Instructions to Obtain P&O Goods

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charitable groups or individuals who wish to obtain items from the P&O Clearinghouse inventory need to first complete the P&O Clearinghouse Application Form.

  • Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed and references checked. If the application is not acceptable or additional information is needed, you will be notified.

  • If the application is accepted, you will be notified by email

  • Recipients are responsible for a warehouse fee based on the final weight of the distribution, payable through our PayPal site. If you include your preferred shipper (FedEx, UPS or DHL) on the application form and the shipping number, we can charge the shipping fees to your account. The warehouse fees are due prior to shipment



  • PHI Members receive an annual $35 credit toward a P&O Clearinghouse shipment

  • Member rate: $35 for first 10 lb. of goods, plus $2/lb. thereafter

  • Non-member rate: $50 for first 10 lb. of goods, plus $3/lb. thereafter

  • If you live close to the P&O Clearinghouse warehouse in Atlanta, onsite pick up can be arranged. Otherwise we will need your preferred shipping company and account number.

  • If you are traveling internationally, it is critical that you plan far in advance so that there is adequate time for application submission, application review and inventory distribution request processing. We suggest that you begin the application process at least 8 weeks prior to a planned departure.

Volunteer at P.O.C.C.

You can become a part of the P&O Clearinghouse family by volunteering with us at the warehouse located in Atlanta, Georgia. During this volunteer days, we sort donations, disassemble devices, organize them and update the online inventory with the newly received goods. Check out our Events page to see when upcoming days are planned. Fill out the volunteer form and join a team.  

Recycling Prosthetic and Orthotic Goods Since 2007

Processed over 7.4 tons of devices that would have ended up in a landfill

Changed Countless Lives By Giving the  Gift of Hope

Thank you for your support.

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