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Donate items to P.O.C.C.

 We strive to distribute the donations we receive so that:

  • the technology is appropriate to the environment in which it will be used

  • the components match the needs of those who will be utilizing them

  • the practitioners providing the clinical services using the components are adequately trained

  • follow up care is available

  • P&O goods are not re-sold in developing nations inadvertently supplying a "black market"

In 2012, the Prosthetic & Orthotic Component Clearinghouse (P.O.C.C.) was adopted fully under the umbrella of core projects hosted by PHI!

Guidelines for P&O Device Donations:

While we strive to make every effort to prevent waste, there are some items that are just not recyclable or reusable. In order to prevent you from spending money unnecessarily shipping unusable items and then our volunteers from spending time sorting through unusable items, please review the Guidelines for Donations.                                             . Before sending anything that requires a pallet please contact us so the warehouse can be notified in advance.

If you have questions about your donations or would like to donate something that is not on the list above, please contact us.

Shipping Instructions

If you have something to give, please complete the donation form to alert us of your incoming shipment and to assist us in providing you with tax deduction documentation.

If you have something to give, please send it to the address below:

P&O Clearinghouse c/o Rob

1947 Briarwood Ct. NE

Atlanta, GA 30329

  • Include your name or company’s name and address on the outside of the box in order for PHI to properly match your donation application with your donation shipment

  • It is helpful, but not required, for you to include a letter or note including your name and address as well as what you have sent.

  • PHI cannot pay for the cost of shipping donations to P.O.C.C., however; you can claim the shipping expenses as part of your tax deductible donation to P.O.C.C.

  • Once items are received a tax deduction letter will be sent to you.

Tax Deductions

Upon receipt of your donated P&O Goods at P.O.C.C., we will send to you a tax donation receipt from Prosthetic Hope International as we are a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization. That receipt will be sent according to the weight of the P&O Goods you sent.

Ultimately, the amount of money you choose to deduct from your taxes must be decided between you and your CPA. By way of guidance for individuals making device donations, PHI offers the following suggestions:

  • Since PHI does not pay for shipping, you can deduct the amount spent on shipping the items to us.

  • You should base the worth of your donated goods upon either the amount you paid out of pocket for the device(s) or upon the value of the components that can be salvaged from the donation. Put another way, if your insurance company paid $20,000 for the device, that does NOT mean that you can claim $20,000 for the device.

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