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Provide Financial Support

Our goal is to provide hope to as many disadvantaged individuals in need of orthotic and prosthetic services as possible, both domestically and internationally. Your tax-deductible donations allow us to keep working towards that goal.

Here's just a glimpse of how your contributions will help us to spread hope.

Purchasing Prosthetic & Orthotic Components

While we rely on donated O&P components for much of our work, sometimes a patient needs a specific component, such as a prosthetic foot or knee. Your funds help us to purchase these items so that patients receive devices that meet their unique needs.

Reimbursing for Patient Travel Expenses

Our patients and their families sometimes face financial burdens when seeking our services. Some Belizeans have spent a week's earnings for bus transportation across the country to our clinic. For some, it's literally a choice between food or bus fare. Your funds can help us reimburse patients for their travel, ensuring that they not only have a new leg to stand on, but money available for their other basic needs.

Keeping the Lights On & Shelves Stocked

We have bills to pay to keep our Project Hope Belize clinic's doors open and lights on. It is also pricey to purchase necessary supplies, such as plaster, plastics, and resin. Without these supplies, we are unable to fabricate orthoses and prostheses for our Belize and Atlanta-area friends in need.

Expanding Our Mission

We have operated on a small budget for most of our history. While we have been able to do big things during that time, having limited funding makes it difficult to plan and dream for the future. With your generous support, we will be able to think about expanding our mission to reaching more patients in Georgia and abroad.

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