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Prosthetic Hope Community

Join the community and be the change you want to see in the world!

Even the smallest steps are significant to the journey.  Be a Prosthetic Hope Partner by volunteering your time as a clinician, being a drop off place for those that want to recycle a prosthetic limb, or sponsor a mission and be the boots on the ground!

Support the Community

I. PHI Community

 Clean out your stock closet or old inventory and send it to us. Volunteer at our P&O Clearinghouse.

II. PHI Companion

Sponsor someone to obtain a prosthesis. Your $250 donation will ensure that someone receives a quality prosthesis or orthosis.


Come on a mission trip or support someone from your company to do so.  Become part of the PHI Crew, a unique breed of clinicians, technicians and volunteers.

IV. PHI Drop-N-Box

Become a Drop-N-Box site and allow local donors an easy way to donate to PHI while highlighting your practice. We will feature your practice or company on our website so people can easily find you. 

V. PHI Pillars

Any longstanding structure needs a solid foundation. PHI Pillars sponsor an entire mission trip to Belize or to other countries requesting help.

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