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P&O Clearinghouse

In 2012, the P&O Clearinghouse was adopted fully under the umbrella of core projects hosted by PHI!

It was created to save surplus usable P&O goods from being sent to landfills while innumerable individuals around the world were in need of prostheses and orthoses. We provide individuals, P&O facilities, manufacturers and distributors a clearinghouse that enables them to make tax deductible donations of new and gently used prosthetic and orthotic goods. These donations, in turn, provide access to instrumental, and often costly, products to P&O practitioners, developing world P&O schools, developing world P&O facilities and researchers.

Purchasing Supplies

In order to purchase supplies from the P&O Clearinghouse, you must register as a clinician with Prosthetic Hope International. Once your membership request is approved, you will be granted access to our inventory and be given the ability to place orders. Click the button below to sign up.

Thank you for your support.

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